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Pirouette® Window Shadings

A modern alternative to traditional fabric shades, Pirouette® Window Shadings offer clean lines and a straightforward design that will never go out of style.

An exclusive product to Hunter Douglas, Pirouette shadings feature softly contoured, front-facing fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. The vanes move in together for a fluid, graceful effect with both  open and close. Pirouette shadings can also be raised completely into the headrail for a totally clear view.

Bold Fabrics & Colors: Pirouette shadings are available in an array of stylish fabrics in semi-opaque and room-darkening opacities for complete control over your light and privacy levels.

Invisi-Lift™: Our revolutionary Invisi-Lift system allows the vanes to float elegantly on a single sheer backing, providing views with no obstructing cords or tapes.

UV Protection: Pirouette shadings block up to 81% of harmful UV rays with the vanes open and 99% with vanes closed to help protect and extend the life of your furnishings.

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