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Sheer Curtains, Sheer Shades & Window Sheer

Sheer curtains combine style, light control, and privacy come together in ethereal yet purposeful sheer curtains. While their airy elegance and soft texture create a graceful style that can coordinate with a variety of other window treatments and decor, their modern design hides a plethora of features and benefits including advanced light control and privacy. Thus, making window sheers a beautiful union of form and function practical for eye-catching single window treatments or used throughout your home as a unifying design element since sheer shades has applications for windows, doors, and custom or specialty shaped openings.

Hunter Douglas makes three distinct lines of exclusive, high-end sheer shades: Luminette® Privacy Sheers®, Silhouette® Window Shadings, and Pirouette® Window Shadings. While each style of sheer shade has its aesthetic (Luminette® with its vertical applications, Silhouette® with its distinctive s-shaped design, and Pirouette® with its unique sculped, fabric vanes), all three share the refined beauty of sheer curtains, supply similar light-control options, and provide the same kinds of privacy and protection for homeowners.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers
Pirouette® Window Shadings
Pirouette® Window Shadings

Privacy & Protection

Though sheer shades might look delicate, they are in fact as protective as they are graceful. That’s because the translucent fabrics used in sheer shades can block the view into your home while allowing the view out to remain unaffected. As such, sheer curtains provide daytime privacy with view-through capabilities. This makes sheer curtains a great choice for every kind of window from large bay windows where you want to see out but doesn’t want your neighbors to see into small windows in the bathroom where you need light and privacy. In addition to providing privacy, sheer shades can also protect your home by shielding it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. UV rays can damage your home’s furnishings, décor, and even flooring by causing warping, color fade, cracking, and premature aging. So, you can protect the people and things you cherish with the strategic use of modern window sheers.

Luminette® Window Shades near Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA) and other sheer curtains, sheer shades, and window sheers
Silhouette® Window Shades near Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA) and other sheer curtains, sheer shades, and window sheers


The beauty of light-control with sheer curtains is that you do not have to sacrifice natural light for privacy. Instead, the sheer fabrics obstruct the view into your home while softly filtering light for a diffuse effect that fills the space with a warm glow; so even when window sheers are closed, they still allow natural light in. In this way, sheer curtains become a seamless transitional piece between the raw outdoors and the refinement of indoors. However, light-control with window sheers isn’t limited to soft diffusion, there are additional features like room-darkening liners, opaque textiles, and multi-treatment operating systems that afford sheer shades additional levels of control. So, from ambient glow to black-out darkness, sheer curtains can create a spectrum of gorgeous lighting options.

Design Versatility

Modern sheer curtains are soft window treatment with a light, breezy feel balanced with a streamlined and sleek profile. Gone are the frilly, lacey, overly elaborate window sheers of generations past; Hunter Douglas sheer curtains are the epitome of contemporary style and state-of-the-art design. They’re available in a variety of fabric choices, including the Alustra® Collection of Woven Textures®, and their simple grace means they work well in a variety of interior design styles, window fashions, home decors.

Pirouette® Window Shades near Fredericksburg, Virginia (VA) and other sheer curtains, sheer shades, and window sheers

Sheer shades work when used on their own or styled in layered treatments. On their own, the opaqueness of the fabric and its natural, fluid movement gives the window treatment a feeling of multi-dimensional depth. Styled into layered fashions, sheer curtains can be used in complementary or contrasting roles to add interest and dimension to design. Pair a set of window sheers with custom drapery for a rich, glamourous window fashion that adds drama to design and dimension to décor; or add soft, supple sheer shades over hardwood shutters or blinds for a window fashion that uses contrasting textures and styles to create visual intrigue with the additional bonus of added light-control and privacy features.

So, no matter what your home décor looks like or what your tastes tend toward, sheer shades can be effortlessly incorporated into your aesthetic because of the versatility of their style. Additionally, sheer curtains work on a variety of window sizes and shapes; so, whether your home has modern, picture windows or classic sidelights there is a style of Hunter Douglas sheer shade that will work for you.

Fredericksburg Window Décor is proud to carry all three lines of Hunter Douglas sheer curtains including Luminette® Privacy Sheers®, Silhouette® Window Shadings, and Pirouette® Window Shadings. Additionally, their team of highly skilled design experts can help you choose the best sheer shade for your home whether you’re looking to harness the light control abilities of window sheers, the increased privacy and protection they afford, or to soften your window treatments with a touch a simple elegance; so, request a consultation today. Located near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Fredericksburg Window Décor serves communities in Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, Orange County, Culpepper County, Caroline County, Dale County, and Prince William County including those in Montclair, Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Chancellorsville, Thornburg, and Fredericksburg, VA.

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