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Designer Screen Shades

Particularly perfect for sunrooms, well-matched with all light-crammed areas—our Designer Screen Shades preserve your outside perspectives at the same time as offering UV protection and curbing harsh rays to guard your works of artwork or fade-prone fixtures.

Special Fabrics: One of the most diverse in the industry, the Designer Screen fabrics collection includes exclusive options including multicolor patterns and textures.

UV Protection: Protect your furniture, flooring and artwork from fading. Designer Screen fabrics block between 86% and 99% of the sun’s damaging rays.

Superior Operation: The Custom Clutch operating system features state-of-the-art hardware and precision-tuned lift technology that provides smooth operation, lifting ease and the industry’s smallest light gap.

Multiple Opacities: Designer Screen fabrics are arranged by the element of transparency. Transparency is the screen fabric weave density that affects the degree of transparency, confidentiality, glare, and UV blockage. Five options are available, ranging from most view / low privacy to minimal view/maximum privacy.

Top & Bottom Treatments: Customize these colors with the best treatments that conceal the fabric roll for a clean look. A selection of  bottom treatments includes fabric-wrapped options.


Orientation – Horizontal
Widths – 12″ to 192″
Heights – 12″ to 144″

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