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Blind and Shutter Repair Fredericksburg, VA

Broken blinds and shutters severely limit the functionality of your blinds and shutters, but that is why there are blind and shutter repair services from Fredericksburg Home Décor. Sometimes you may need to entirely replace your window dressing, but usually, a repair can be done to bring your blinds back to their full glory. We conduct our blind repair services quickly and efficiently no matter if you purchased your blinds from us or not. Our goal is to maintain the relaxing feeling that blinds deliver to your home day in and day out.

Professional Blind and Shutter Repair Services

Window blind and shade repair is often more than one simple step and requires a professional to come fix your blinds and shutters. We can perform most repairs at your Fredericksburg home quick and efficiently.  We replace any parts that need to be replaced, restringing a variety of blinds and shades, and make other needed adjustments. Some of those other repairs can include replacing Hunter Douglas blind motors.   

Facetime Consultations

If you’re not sure how much a repair is for your blinds, you can call or have a facetime consultation with Jeffrey, Hunter Douglas Master Installer and Repair Expert. Facetime consultations allow us to see the blind repairs that need to be conducted without us needing to come to your Fredericksburg home. This saves you time and we figure out what needs to be repaired or restring, plus the estimated repair cost.  After the facetime consultation, you decide if you want to move forward with the repair your blinds. Fredericksburg Home Décor.

Contact Fredericksburg Window Décor for all of your blind and shutter repair needs.  Enjoy the convenience of your blinds and shades working properly, call Jeffrey at Fredericksburg Window Decor to do it right.

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