Blind and Shutter Cleaning Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg Window Decor offers premier blind cleaning for Fredericksburg, Virginia. Window blinds and shutters need to be properly maintained in order for them to stay in the best shape that they can. This maintenance includes regular high-quality cleaning from experts who have experience cleaning blinds. Blinds and shutter cleaning often means climbing up on a ladder to reach the blinds up high in your house. Which can be dangerous and who wants to grab a ladder and clean up there. Let us take the danger and effort out of the equation for you, while we clean your blinds.

Detailed Blind and Shutter Cleaning

Cleaning blinds requires attention to detail, especially when the job gets done right. There are a lot of nooks and crannies that can be overlooked when cleaning your Fredericksburg Blinds. We also take the time to clean pleated and cellular shades in a way that does not cause discoloration to your shades. We can remove stains to bring your shades back to their full glory. With our thorough attention to detail, we not only clean your blinds and shutters in your Fredericksburg home, we save you time, money, and provide a clean and relaxing environment.

Blind and Shutter Restoration

At Fredericksburg Window Decor we offer state of the art window blind restoration to your Fredericksburg home. Years of use to your blinds and shutters can make them look worn down. But with the blind restoration services from Fredericksburg Window Decor, your blinds can be brought back to their vibrancy of old. We use special machines designed to restore blinds while still being safe and gentle. These machines speed up window blind restoration making us even more efficient when we come to restore your window blinds.

Facetime Inspections

If you don’t think that your blind issue is worth a full inspection, you can contact us about our Facetime Inspections. We can set up a time for you to Facetime us and let a get a good look at your blinds and shutters without needing to have us come out for a full inspection.

Contact Fredericksburg Window Décor for all of your blind and shutter cleaning needs. Window dressing cleaning should be done right so contact the people who will do it right.

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