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Selecting the ideal window coverings for sliding glass doors can add design points to your interior space. But finding the perfect ones takes a bit of time. These large expanses of glass offer beautiful views and ample natural light, but they require suitable coverings for privacy, light control, and energy efficiency. At Fredericksburg Window Decor, we help clients find the right balance of style and practicality that perfectly complements their sliding glass doors.

Large living room with large windows and a sliding glass door covered with Hunter Douglas Skyline® Gliding Window Panels at Fredericksburg Window Decor near Fredericksburg, VA

Styles of Sliding Glass Door Window Coverings

First, consider your overall design style when choosing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Look at your space’s existing color palette, textures, and patterns to see what will work. Also, consider the visual impact you want the coverings to have. Some prefer subtle treatments that blend into the surroundings, while others like bold statements that draw attention.

Functionality of Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

Next, consider your specific privacy needs, light control, and insulation. Vertical blinds, sheer curtains, and sliding panels are popular options that offer varying degrees of light filtration and privacy. If energy efficiency is a concern, cellular shades or layered treatments will provide an extra barrier against heat loss or gain.

What about the door handles? Window coverings for sliding glass doors must accommodate them for smooth operation and a seamless appearance. Customization allows for clearance around handles when opening and closing the doors. Proper measuring and installation prevent interference, so you won’t have to worry about any fabric or material getting in the way.

Costs for Sliding Glass Door Window Coverings

While splurging on luxurious window coverings is tempting, we recommend staying within your budget. Fortunately, options are available at every price point, from budget-friendly essential blinds to high-end window treatments. Determine your budget early in the process and prioritize features based on your needs. Remember that investing in quality coverings can pay off in the long run through improved durability and performance.

Types of Window Coverings for Sliding Glass Doors

  • Vertical blinds are a classic choice for sliding glass doors. They feature vertical slats you can tilt to control light and privacy or draw to the side for unobstructed views. Vertical blinds are available in fabric and vinyl and come in various colors and textures. Choose wider slats for a modern look or textured fabrics for added visual interest.
  • Sliding panels are a sleek, contemporary option for covering sliding glass doors. They’re made from large fabric panels that glide smoothly along a track. When closed, sliding panels offer excellent light control and privacy–they stack neatly to the side when open, maximizing the view.
  • Sheer curtains add a soft, airy ambiance to a room. These lightweight curtains filter sunlight without blocking the view, creating a luminous effect. Hang them on a decorative rod for a casual, relaxed vibe, or layer them with heavier drapes for added insulation and versatility.

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