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Custom-Made Window Treatments for the Holidays



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With the winter holidays approaching, there’s no better time to spruce up your space with new and exciting additions to wow your friends and family. One of the easiest ways to bring in some refreshing style is custom-made window treatments. They’ll rejuvenate your decor and provide functional benefits like better light control, privacy, and insulation. And after all, you deserve a treat, too: Our premium Hunter Douglas window coverings from Fredericksburg Window Decor are gifts that keep giving, year after year.

Warm home interior outfitted with holiday decorations and white Hunter Douglas window treatments near Fredericksburg, VA

The Advantages of Custom-Made Window Treatments

Ordering custom-made window treatments is an investment in high-quality craftsmanship. Instead of cookie-cutter designs and fabrics, Hunter Douglas uses the finest materials and pays close attention to detail. Your window coverings will look incredible and durable enough to last for years.

Another advantage is increased energy efficiency. Some of the best-made window treatments provide insulating barriers that regulate room temperature. That can make a real difference during the holidays when people constantly come in and out of your home. Your family and friends will feel more comfortable, and so will you.

Custom-made window treatments also offer these benefits:

  • A More Tailored Look: Pre-made window treatments might not fit your windows perfectly, look crooked, or have gaps. At Fredericksburg Window Decor, our team completes the measuring and installation to our meticulous standards, complementing your decor seamlessly. Imagine how pleased you’ll be when the room is updated for the holidays with perfectly styled and installed custom window treatments!
  • Extra Options to Work With: Custom window treatments offer endless options and more versatility than store-bought ones. We can show you the many fabrics, styles, and finishes, helping you create a personalized look. Beyond that, Hunter Douglas window coverings can be tailored with different control options, insulation, and light control. You can create the perfect holiday ambiance for a holiday meal or add blackout shades to block out the light for a family movie night – the choices are up to you.

Decorating Window Treatments for the Holidays

Many clients ask us about decorating window treatments for the holidays, whether they have had new ones installed or want to brighten things up temporarily. We recommend choosing a color scheme that complements the fabric and material, like greens, reds, silvers, and icy blues.

Those colors can be incorporated into garlands or twinkling lights. You can weave those through blinds or drape them on curtain rods. Add ornaments, wreaths, evergreen sprigs, and holly branches, as long as they aren’t too heavy to weigh things down. Handmade items like paper snowflakes can add a heartfelt touch. Finally, be aware of safety and don’t create choking or fire hazards.

Happy Holidays from the Fredericksburg Window Decor Team!

As the largest Hunter Douglas dealer in Fredericksburg, VA, Fredericksburg Window Decor works with clients all across the area, including Fredericksburg, Dale, Woodbridge, Montclair, Lake Ridge, Chancellorsville, Thornburg, Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, Orange County, Culpepper County, Caroline County, Dale County, and Prince William County. If you’re ready to gift your home with custom-made window treatments, contact us today for a consultation.

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